The chances are that you’re here because you’ve heard that changes are afoot at One and want to get the skinny. Well, here it is. 

One will not exist in its current form from March 31 2024. After 24 years, the last couple of which have been pretty complicated personally, it’s time for me to stop running a full-on business.

One will continue to offer creative, brand and design services (largely through me – you’re not getting rid of me that easily ;-). A group of the mighty One team (Sheree, Tom and Vicky) are forming an independent spinout company called MeThree which will continue to deliver websites and design work.

We’ll be in touch with many clients, suppliers and friends over the next couple of months, to get everything sorted and shipshape. And we’ll all be around after March on the same email addresses as ever, so hopefully it will cause you minimal disruption.

Please, please holler if you’ve got any questions or worries or anything really.