Getting people moving

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Under the hood

  • Multisite environment with geolocation
  • Complex shared content between all sites
  • Step by step consultation guides
  • Woo commerce/moodle integration
  • Bespoke content revision management

Bricks and mortar boards

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Under the hood

  • Deep-dive IA restructure
  • Three sites from one design system
  • Extensive Stripe integration
  • “Sponsor Your Room” and virtual donor wall.

Making sense of data

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Under the hood

  • Knowledge-sharing portal
  • Complex filtering and search engine
  • Multiple taxonomies and geographies
  • Data visualisation

Ashmolean platform

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Under the hood

A complete pattern book, beautiful and flexible enough for the Ashmolean, simultaneously redefining AND working within an existing platform, and also that could also work across future sites that any part of the University might want.

And breathe.

Connecting young people with NHS support

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Under the hood

  • Questionnaire-driven assessment tool
  • Syndicated across 4 NHS Trusts and local authorities.
  • Co-production with young people and CAMHS.
  • Complex GDPR management

Mooving forwards (sorry)

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Beating diabetes

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